Shanghai Part.2 | Shanghai, CHINA

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The next morning the other travel bunnie and I got up early to meet up my parents, little did we know that they were more excited than us and had already been waiting in the lobby. 

Personally, a few things come to mind when Shanghai is mentioned and one of those includes xiao long bao, which literally translates to small steamer basket buns, or as Mr Bourdain calls it, pillows of happiness. The cab dropped us off just outside of the Old Town’s Yuyuan Garden, but the first stop for the four of us was Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant, a long standing institution for their, well, steamed buns. It is a culinary icon. I don’t remember queueing for too long to get a table, actually I don’t remember much other than the pure satisfaction that I got from eating those buns one steamer basket after another. 
After breakfast, we took a nice stroll in the Yuyuan Garden before moving on to Nanjing Road for some shopping. 
A short cab ride later saw us four having lunch at elEFANTE, a Spanish restaurant located in the Xuhui district. I got sucked into it after reading a critic review on the internet. It was uneventful fare and I’ll stop there. But you see, the amazing thing with Shanghai, is that you’ll never be able to turn a corner without finding something that your appetite finds appealing. We came across South Beauty, a restaurant chain that specialises in Sichuan cuisine with a really affordable menu. The other travel bunnie and I had a delightful experience at one of their branches in Shenzhen, so I suggested it to my parents and they were willing to give it a go. The restaurant was beautifully decorated, perhaps even slightly over the top as some would say, but then again, for a capitalist imperialist city like Shanghai, the definition of OTT may seem a little obscure. Dinner was wonderful and despite the seas of red, the food was actually not overly spicy, which was perfect for my liking. 

The day finished too soon but we were looking forward to the next adventure - a day trip to the historic scenic town of Wuzhen

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