Venezia - the labyrinth

It's been so long since my previous blog post about shopping in Venice. It's not that there is nothing to see in Venice, but the fact that when I was in Venice last time, when I saw the first sunbeam hits its Grand Canal, everything sparkled and I just didn't know where to start.

Venice is gorgeous, so gorgeous. The city has 400 bridges, 150 canals and truly magnificent sixteenth and seventeenth-century palaces and piazzas.  It's mysterious and enchanting.

Venice is divided into 6 districts: San Marco, San Polo, Santa Croce, Cannaregio, Castello and Dorsoduro. I found it extremely difficult to get around in Venice, a point to note: everyone gets lost in Venice. 

A few things which I really loved and would definitely recommend you to see… 

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  1. Ross MacphersonMay 8, 2012 at 1:41 PM

    Ah, Venice, loved it!
    My wife & I were there as part of our 25th Anniversary, Paris the week before in May 2011 & then went onto Florence & Rome.
    Getting lost in Venice was so much fun and there are so many beautiful restaurants hidden away. Take note of where they are as you may never come across them again. :)
    Although a guy I appreciated looking at with my wife the beautiful shops, dresses, shoes & handbags as the styles were so artistic & more beautiful than elsewhere on our trip.
    I bought her a Gucci handbag & she bought me a Gucci wallet as Anniverary presents.
    We look forward to going back again.

  2. Ross MacphersonMay 8, 2012 at 1:42 PM

    Ps... Always be a Traveller not a Tourist!
    You will enjoy it and learn so much more.

    1. I enjoyed my trip to Venice as well. It's such a romantic place and I can't wait to go there with my partner. Congratz on the 25th Anniversary, your wife must feel very lucky to have you. And yes, I agree, never be a tourist when you travel!

      Have a great day Ross.