Capitan Torres, 73 Liverpool St, Sydney

Being a self-claimed foodie, I must admit that I wasn't ready to step out of my comfort zone (food-wise that is) until I met the other travel bunny. 

So, to expand my culinary horizons, one day, the other travel bunny took me to the Spanish Quarter, an area with an abundance of Spanish restaurants. 

Capitan Torres, that's the restaurant we went to. 

The place is small but full of characters, such as authentic dark oak and traditional stools at their tapas bar. The menu offers a mouth-watering selection of tapas, including gambas a la sevillana (prawns cooked in onion, tomato salsa and garlic sauce), chanquettes (deep fried white bait)  and chorizo (not that i had any clue as to what they were at the time… )

But the moment when a carafe filled with berry-coloured liquid arrived at our table, I felt my pupils dilated (i know, i know, but I'm a non-alcoholic bunny). Sangria. 

I reached out for the glass and had a sip, then another sip, a delightful combination of flavours ( wines, spirits, liqueurs & chopped fruit) burst into my month. And that's when I knew… I'm in love with Sangria. 

Oh, and this blog post is a review of Captain Torres, so:- 
I've read a few reviews regarding the rudeness of the waiters at the restaurant. We had a really nice lady serving us and she even offered to take photos for us. Food was tasty, served fast. The place isn't big and can be noisy, but hey, you're there to have tapas, not fine dining. The atmosphere of the restaurant makes it a great place for spanish casual dining. 

Worth-a-try: sangria & garlic prawns. 

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