Pitango’s pumpkin risotto with garlic tiger prawns

My parents came over last Friday to spend Chinese New Year’s eve with us. We had a dinner reservation at Sofitel’s buffet restaurant, Thyme2, so I wanted something light for lunch. But, you see, I hardly ever cook for my parents so  I wanted to impress and certainly didn’t want to sacrifice on quality. I decided to make pumpkin risotto with garlic tiger prawns with the help of Pitango.


While my parents ran around with George playing car chases, I chopped some asparagus and truss tomatoes, seasoned them with salt and pepper, then tossed them in an oven roasting pan at 200ºc. While waiting for the veggies to cook, I added a little olive oil and some garlic into the frying pan, then when the garlic had some colour, I added the peeled and deveined prawns to the pan. A while later, a squeeze of lemon over the prawns and it was time for plating. A added the asparagus, tomatoes and prawns to the risotto (heated for 10 minutes as per the instructions), topped it off with some shaved parmesan and basil leaves, et voilà, in less than 30 minutes, I brought a slice of Italy to the table.

In case you’re wondering, mum and dad devoured the dish, and they shall never know that I had an assistant in the kitchen called Pitango (insert cheeky grin here).

Disclaimer: this post is brought to you by Pitango. Please note that my opinion is as always, my own.

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