Best in Travel 2017

Ever since I met the other travel bunnie, it’s like he has cast a spell on me. Now before you roll your eyes, I’m not talking about our undying love here, I’m talking about the utter, mad, travel obsession that the other travel bunnie has given me. In the five years since we’ve been together, we’ve travelled to so many amazing places across ten countries. We initially thought that having Minibun George would slow us down, but he hasn’t, in fact, Minibun George is such a good little traveller, it makes sense to fill his heart and mind with wonderful travel tales. 

So now that 2017 is only around the corner, what will it bring? What travel adventure do we have planned? Although still in the planning stages, we’ve circled a few things on the map, including Singapore and the Maldives, both destinations will be a first for me (as well as Minibun George, of course). The other day when I checked the mail, there was a brown package, one that I’m very familiar with… I stripped open the package and a book slid out - Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2017. I was that excited that I jumped! I grabbed my phone and notified the other travel bunnie straight away, we cleared our calendar for the night and went over every detail of every page of the book. 

The book contains a collection of the world’s best destinations, experiences and of course, the hottest trends for the coming year. It’s a must for any keen travellers, which also makes it a good Christmas present (you’re welcome). 

So where will 2017 take you? Will you visit the market square since medieval times called Piazza della Sala in Pistoia? Or hit up Hollywood, and take a stroll on the Walk of Fame in LA? Perhaps you would like to soak up the intoxicatingly exotic atmosphere in Marrakesh or get lost among the graceful streets of Old Bordeaux.  Whatever it might be, make it happen, for life is too short and the world is too beautiful to be unexplored. 

And of course, if you’re in need of some travel inspiration, I’m sure you will find it in the Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2017. ♥

Disclaimer: The book was provided to DolceBunnie for review and I blame Lonely Planet for making me add even more places to my already-way-too-long travel to-do list.

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