“Wing”ing it with Menulog

Last Thursday morning I woke up with an extremely bad headache, my throat was sore and my nose was runny. By early afternoon, my body was aching and a fever had crept up my body. DAMMIT! It was Mid Autumn Festival and whilst in my mind I had every intention of cooking up a nice meal for the family, my body was totally against the idea. I opened the Menulog app and started browsing through the different food options available for delivery - Italian, Thai, Chinese, Greek… you name it, there is even an alcohol business called Knock Knock Booze There. I stopped scrolling down when District 1 popped up. District 1 is a popular Vietnamese eatery located in the Valley and the place often gets packed out. Some pho would definitely make me feel better, I thought to myself as I placed the order. Tap tap tap, et voilà the ordering was done. So simple and zero fuss. 

Just a little after 6pm, our food was delivered. Each dish was carefully packed in containers, especially the beef pho. They were considerate enough to separate the noodles and the soup so that the noodles don’t soak up the soup and get all soft and mushy.  The thinly sliced beef was cling-wrapped, and on the side, there was a little container of spicy sauce. We nibbled on some crispy chicken wings with ginger fish sauce and Peking duck rice paper rolls before fully delving into our main meals. The serving portions were generous, to say the least. Covered on a bed of soft, fluffy rice were pieces of crispy, tender chicken and some pickled vegetable to add a kick to what was already a delicious dish. The pho was full of flavour and extremely comforting just as I had hoped. 

You know sometimes it’s nice to eat in. There’s not need to battle through peak traffic and no need to fight someone else for a parking spot. I was “wing”ing it that night thanks to Menulog! I was able to enjoy a restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of my home with the TV on in the background all while eating up a storm in my PJ’s. Oh, I can definitely get used to this…

Disclaimer: this is a review post in collaboration with Menulog, however, please note that my opinion is as always, my own.

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