The Pitango Lazy Foodie Challenge

The other travel bunnie and I just came back from a leisurely weekend getaway to Spicers Peak Lodge at the Scenic Rim. We picked up Minibun George from our grandparents who were looking after him while we were away. By the time we got home and unpacked, the day had slipped away from us and the sky was already dark.  When the clock ticked over 6, the other travel bunnie took Minibun George for a bath while I went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. For a good minute, I stood there and stared into the fridge, I was really not in the mood to cook up a storm after a totally relaxing massage session. So I decided to cheat…

That’s right. I cheated. 

In just under ten minutes, I created this delicious risotto using only four ingredients together with (ahem), what I would like to introduce as my little helper, Pitango pre-prepared home made style risotto. It was quick, simple and zero-fuss! The other travel bunnie did not suspect a thing, in fact, he even requested that I add the risotto to our regular meal list. I may be a #lazyfoodie at times, but I definitely don’t sacrifice quality for laziness. And the cherry on the sundae? All Pitango products are made using the highest quality, 100% natural, fresh ingredients. They sustainably source their ingredients from small, local growers and the food is always fresh and preservatives free.

Right now, Pitango challenges you to cook a gourmet meal using your favourite Pitango soup or risotto in just 10 minutes, adding only 4 ingredients. The #LazyFoodie campaign runs through to the end of August, and as a reward, Pitango is giving you the chance to win a #LazyFoodie prize pack valued at over $400! You can find out more from Pitango’s Facebook page. 

Do you accept the challenge?

Disclaimer: This is a product sponsored post. 

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