The Best Things in Life are Free

Wouldn’t you agree? The best things in life are free. For me, those free perks are everywhere. When Minibun George gives me cuddles and kisses, when the other travel bunnie finishes a meal that I have cooked, seeing George running around, playing hide and seek with us at the vineyards in the Marlborough region, or simply seeing the innocent yet inquisitive smile on George’s face when we are in a foreign land. 

Having amazing and memorable experiences when you travel doesn’t mean that you need to eat instant noodles for 3 months straight in order to save up, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. In fact, there are so many great travelling ideas out there that Lonely Planet has published the ultimate money-saving travel guide: The Best Things in Life are Free.  

Lonely Planet travel guides have long been my travel bibles. This book is no exception. It includes 884 sights and experiences in over 60 cities worldwide. You can find everything from free museums in London, beautiful parks in bustling New York, to hidden courtyards and local haunts in Italy’s most glamorous city Milan.  You will also find out where to see Asia’s best sunsets without the price tag. In addition to the free perks, the book includes plenty of cheap yet awesome things to experience. The book is beautifully illustrated with maps of cities, filled with gorgeous photos that will only fuel your desire of travelling while providing loads of useful tips. I was thrilled to see that our city, BrisVegas has also been included in the book! 

Buy the book and your wallet will be very grateful :) 

In case you’re wondering, I’m planning my next trip! 

Disclaimer: The book was provided to DolceBunnie for review and I’m not getting paid to admit that Lonely Planet travel guides are my travel bibles. 

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