The Catbird Seat Bistro | 2/888 Stanley Street, WOOLLOONGABBA QLD 4169

I get excited when I have a good breakfast. No, I really do. Breakfast, especially on a Saturday, can determine the level of happiness I may experience that weekend. So as you can imagine, when I had a wonderful, wonderful breakfast at Catbird Seat Bistro, I was so beyond joyous that I almost skipped out the door.

Being surrounded by Brisbane's favourite weekend breakfast spots such as Pearl Cafe, Foxy Bean and Pawpaw Cafe, I wouldn't be surprised if Catbird Seat Bistro gets overlooked by many. The breakfast fare offered here isn't exactly textbook. By that, I mean scrambled eggs and sausages, which is why I really enjoyed my recent breakfast.

The space is very intimate. We were seated at a table in the middle of the bistro where we could get a nice view of the kitchen, where chef-owner James Guldberg was showing off his skills. While we waited for our breakfast to arrive, I ordered a pot of crème brûlée tea ($3.50) and the other travel bunnie had a glass of freshly squeezed ginger and orange juice ($6)Not too long after, we were presented with Spiced beef hash, sweet potato, jalapenos, black eyed beans, tomatoes, fried egg ($16.50) and House smoked salmon, lump fish caviar, cucumber, cottage cheese, soft boiled egg, rye ($17). The other travel bunnie quickly dug into his meal, chewing and nodding his head at the same time. The spiced beef hash was very flavoursome, the spiciness of jalapenos mixed with the sweetness of the sweet potato while the runny egg yolk from the fried egg added creaminess to the dish. It was very good. In contrast, the house smoked salmon was more of an “elegant” dish. It was something to be enjoyed slowly rather than quickly chewed and swallowed. I loved the thickness of fish and the intense smokiness of it. The caviar atop were like firm pearls that gently popped in my mouth and it was like taking in a breath of the sea. I couldn't fault the dish, no, not even a bit. I even loved the bread.

I can not wait to go back there again.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $43

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