Dumpling Republic | Shop L103, The Wintergarden, BRISBANE CBD QLD 4000

As much as I enjoy cooking, there are days when I just feel like a nice and relaxing dinner somewhere in town, and that's what I love about living in the city, everything is right downstairs. A while ago on a week night, the three of us when for a nice stroll and ended up at Dumpling Republic for dinner.

The location of this restaurant isn't exactly the most visible despite it being situated in the Queen Street Mall. Dumpling Republic is opposite Grill'd in Wintergarden, nestled between Hanaichi and the now-closed Wagamama.

Dumpling Republic occupies a fairly large space that's brightly lit, but not to the point where it gets annoying. The menu is easy to read and comes with picture of each dish. We started with two of their signature drinks, a ginger and lemon house brewed iced tea ($6) and a coconut pineapple delight ($8). The latter was rather disappointing as it tasted more like crushed ice and had minimal tropical flavours that I was hoping for. The tea however was refreshing.

I had been to Dumpling Republic previously with a colleague and really enjoyed the shredded chicken with peanut sauce ($6.90), so that was ordered again as an appetiser. As the name itself suggests, the restaurant specialises in dumplings, so we ordered the classic steamed pork buns ($7.30 for 6) as well as pan-fried pork and shrimp dumplings ($10.40). The steamed pork buns were nothing special, in fact, we found bones in four of them which I thought was rather odd. The pan-fried pork and shrimp dumplings were delicious though. The bottom of the dumplings was crispy and the mixture of pork mince and shrimp was very flavoursome. We also ordered the wok-fried beef with ginger and onion in oyster sauce ($16.20), which the other travel bunnie really liked given the tenderness of the beef. The crispy chicken wings with hot sauce ($12.20) were quite delicious too.

I like my Chinese food and although I'm not extremely picky with it, I can't say that I find Dumpling Republic as authentic as it could be.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $67.00

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