The Bronuts!!!

So, just as I was supposed to start eating healthy, I received an express post envelope last Friday afternoon which contained two vouchers to try out the new Bronut introduced by Donut King. So, I tried to come up with an excuse not to use the vouchers, but the those devilishly good-looking delicious doughnuts pictured on the vouchers were staring right at me and I caved in within seconds.

On Saturday morning, I cunningly suggested to the other travel bunnie that we should have something healthy for breakfast so that he would feel like some midday munchies a later on. And sure enough, by 11am we found ourselves standing at the counter at Donut King. The bright pink and yellow signage brought back so many memories. When I was a lot younger, I worked at a gelati shop on the Gold Coast and there was a Donut King right in front of the shop, so every time when dad picked me up after work, I'd buy a donut for him as a thank you present. Oh good old times.

So there we were, both holding a double stack of sweet, sweet delight toped with delicious chocolate pieces, just nomming away. I'm going to be honest here and disclose the fact that I was unable to finish my bronut despite my very best attempt.

I failed the challenge, but can you snack like a man and finish a bronut?

*Disclaimer: the bronuts and milkshakes we devoured were sponsored courtesy of Donut King. The bronuts are available for a limited time only.

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