Beijing Kitchen (滿堂彩) | Macau, CHINA

We were only in Macau for one night so that we could watch The House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams, so suffice to say, a delicious dinner was totally necessary.

After hours of research, I made a reservation at Beijing Kitchen and pre-ordered half a Traditional Beijing style duck from the wood fired oven with classic condiments ($288).

Located inside the Grand Hyatt, the spacious restaurant has four kitchens and each of them is segregated to focus on different Chinese delicacies, from hand-pulled noodles, freshly made dim sums to one of my favourite foods, Beijing style duck.

We sipped on some Yunnan Aged Pu'erh – 20 years ($88) while enjoying the Appetiser Platter ($198) which consisted of appetisers such as the liver, plum chutney, sesame pancakes, pork and crab meat terrine and green bean noodles, sliced chicken, chilli and sesame sauce.

Of course, the highlight of the night had to be the Traditional Beijing style duck, which was sliced at our table. The duck was carved three ways, with parts of the crispy skin sliced paper-thin so that they could be dipped in white sugar and the skin simply melted in my mouth, a plate of duck meat without the skin and another plate of meat with a small amount of skin attached.

We finished off dinner with some sweeten osmanthus flower cake ($50) and homemade bean curd pudding ($68). Both desserts were light with just a hint of sweetness. Usually I would've preferred something sweeter and more rich, however given the fact that we had some rather fatty duck, I thought it was wise to have something light.

While the other bunnie and I have now promised not to do Macau a third time, the food at Beijing Kitchen is seriously good enough to travel back from (and the duck is arguably as good if not better than in Beijing.)

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $765 MOP (all prices above were subject to 10% service charge)

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