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When I just met the other travel bunnie some four years ago, he was nowhere near as experimental as he is now with Asian cuisine.  That being said, he has always suggested that we go to Enjoy Inn for dinner one night . One time, we happened to walk past this Chinese restaurant located in the Valley and it somehow reminded me of one particular episode of SATC (Sex and the City) where Mr Big takes Carrie out for Chinese at Fung Hoa… the look of the restaurant didn’t really grab me and we never ended up visiting the restaurant.

Now fast forward a few years.

The other travel bunnie and I were on our way to the Eat Street Markets when we saw a shiny new restaurant and yes, you guessed it, it’s Enjoy Inn! They have recently opened up a new shop at Hamilton.

So last Wednesday, A & H, bambini A and us bunnies thought it would be a fantastic way to spend a school night together at this Chinese restaurant. The Enjoy Inn at Hamilton looks fairly different from the average Chinese take-away shop around the corner. The tables are not cramped next to one another, leaving ample space for you and your fellow diners. The lighting is fantastic and the overall décor is welcoming and comfortable.

We all felt slightly overwhelmed by the options available from their extensive menu. Eventually, it was decided that we would have sizzling garlic king prawns and honey king prawns for entrées, followed by Peking style pork ribs, salt and pepper soft shell crabs, stir fried beef with pancakes, deef fried shredded beef and some fried rice to share.

The waiter must have gotten confused with our order and everything came all at once, which wasn’t a big deal as we were all pretty hungry.

Dinner was really good. The portions were generous and the dishes were flavoursome. We were particularly impressed with the “fire show” that came with the pork ribs. But - I’m going to be honest and say that the food at Enjoy Inn is pretty westernised. It’s good food nonetheless, however if it’s something authentic that you are after, I probably wouldn’t recommend that you go there.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $140 (approx.)

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