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We weren’t feeling particularly hungry after the James Bond exhibition, but due to my busy food schedule, Cookie was a must eat venue and the next venue on the list. A light lunch is always preferable to no lunch, in my opinion.

Cookie is not a bakery nor is it a café (the name somehow reminds me of David Chang’s Momofuku Milk Bar). It’s actually a funky beer hall that serves Thai food.

Cookie is located on the first level of Curtin House, a six storey building on Swanson street that was built in 1922. It is well hidden from unsuspecting eyes and if it wasn't for the other travel bunnie leading me up the dimly lit staircase and though the restaurant doors I may have never even tried this place.

The tables at Cookie are closely positioned thought the room but the décor is quirky mix of modern art and country classic.  After having a friendly chat with our waiter we ordered the deep fried snapper with bok choi tamarind & crispy shallots ($25.50) and roasted duck salad with pineapple, tomato & basil ($24.50).  The fish was simply flavoured (perhaps it was a little too simple) but the other travel bunnie tells me that the duck was a very pleasant light summer meal.  

We didn't stay for dessert as we had a tram to catch to St Kilda but we left after our short lunch affair feeling that Cookie provided a solid lunch option but was well short of the flavour benchmark set by ChinChin.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $58

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