Where were the bunnies?

Ten flights, three train trips, two ferry trips and countless cab rides in between, after almost one month of travelling around the cities of China, the bunnies are back.

Hotel-hopping (all twelve of them) and food-devouring, our motto was “eat till we drop, and then eat again”.  It was the other travel bunnie’s first time visiting the mainland China and I did what I could to leave him with no disappointment.  The planning of the trip was months in the making, from selection of hotels to which street stall has the best yak milk yoghurt, you name it and I was on it.

We took over four thousand photos and met a few friendly faces along the way, I’m excited to say that although it might not be the most beautiful trip that we’ve taken, it was definitely one of the most interesting and bizarre holidays.

I can’t wait to share our China trip stories with you, but before that I will need to put closure to the USA trip that we took at the end of last year.  So stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Lots of love, from the bunnies. 

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  1. Welcome back - I've missed reading you every day!

    1. Hi Alli, thanks for the beautiful comment. Stay tuned! :)