Super Duper Burgers | San Francisco, CALIFORNIA USA

After a big day out I was almost ready to go back to our suite at The Palace on an empty stomach after a rather strong cocktail that I had at the Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar, when the other travel bunnie fortuitously saw Super Duper Burgers.

Oh my, aren't I glad that we hopped inside and out cold that night.

The ordering process was effortless. We found a quite corner table upstairs and pigged out on some good, juicy and flavoursome burgers. The fresh strawberries shake was yummy and fresh, none of those artificial chemical combinations. And the garlic cheese fries? A great side.

It was fast food with gourmet quality and may be the best burgers we have ever had!

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $25 (or thereabouts)

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