The Ivy | Beverly Hills, LOS ANGELES USA

Ahhh, the Ivy. God knows how many times I drooled over my laptop looking at the Ivy related photos and those celebrity-spotting snaps. I told the other travel bunnie that if there is only one place that I can go and have a beautiful dining experience during our USA trip, it would be at the Ivy (but obviously that didn't happen because we ended going to Chateau Marmont, Katsuya, Momofuku, Le Bernardin and plenty more).

We made a reservation with our concierge at the L'ermitage for breakfast and the concierge made sure that we got a table on the terrace; a perfect spot to be seen.

The next morning, we got dropped off by the hotel car, a Mercedes Benz S350 outside the restaurant. Talk about being discrete.

Hmm, how should I describe the Ivy? It's like falling down the rabbit hole and landing in a cosy English Cottage ...right on the famous Roberston Boulevard in Beverley Hills.

The breakfast menu didn't provide us with that many options, so the decision was made easily, omelette w' fresh fruits ($20.75 USD) for both of us. The service was superb, we had all the attention that the place could provide as we were the only patrons during our breakfast affair. The coffee came in the biggest cup I have ever seen, at $5.75 USD per cup, perhaps not a bad price.

I enjoyed the experience. I probably wouldn't go there again given that it's more of a “I've seen and I've been seen” place and rather than a “oh wow they make the best omelette in town” sort of place.

While we didn't spot any celebrities sipping lattes, we did get snapped by a paparazzi with massive DSLR camera in a white van. It was only a short lived affair but, I think they immediately realised that we were just one of those tourists who wanted to live a faux LA life.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $70 (including tips).

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