ChowHouse, 39 James Street, FORTITUDE VALLEY QLD 4006

So we had this grand eating plan scheduled for our weekend, it involved eating out and lots of it. Unfortunately, the steamy hot weather stopped us and we thought it was a much cooler idea to stay at home, chill and do some serious holiday planning.


On Sunday morning, we woke up feeling extremely hungry and the other travel bunnie declared that it was my soon-to-be wifey duty to come up with a place for some decent breakfast.


We had been away for a while and I was eager to try something new. Chow House came up on my screen when I searched for the most talked-about restaurant on Urbanspoon and we decided to try it out.


Chow House is conveniently located in the centre of the James Street precinct, where James Street Bistro used to be and it provides hawker styled food. The breakfast menu offers a wide selection of traditional breakfast options, but you can also get Asian specialities like Nasi Goreng ($17) and black sticky rice pudding with fresh mango and coconut cream ($12) and that's what we had for breakfast. Mind you, having Nasi Goreng at 9 am in 30 degree heat was definitely a first for us. To go with our meals, we ordered pineapple, lime and coconut frappé and mango and coconut smoothies, both $7.50 each.


The presentation of our food was excellent, the dishes were colourful and appetising. As for the taste, both of our dishes would've been much better if they had that extra little flavour. The black sticky rice was quite bland and the dish wouldn't have had any real flavour if it didn't come with a juicy mango cheek.


The service could be better but it was a very busy Sunday morning service. Still, I thought the idea of being able to have Nasi Goreng for breakfast in Brisbane is pretty awesome and good on Chow House for bringing something exciting to Brisbane's food scene.


I can't wait to go back and try out their dinner menu.


Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $47

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