Hanaichi Sushi Bar + Dining, WinterGarden, Queen Street Mall, BRISBANE QLD 4000

We've been eating some seriously naughty food (i.e. food that gives you instant remorse after you've gone home) recently so I thought that some freshly made sushi would be a perfect change of pace.

Hanaichi is centrally located in the newly renovated WinterGarden and provides diners with the option to be served at both tables and at a sushi train bar. We were lucky to get the last two available seats but it seems that the restaurant has gotten a lil' too greedy with its seating as it was impossible to move your arms without accidentally bumping into other diners sitting next to you.

The food was pretty creative, Peking duck sushi roll anyone? The perfectly spiced soft shell crab was my favourite of the night and if you fancy some freshly cut sashimi, make sure that your try out their sashimi platter as well. Of course, no meal can be completed without dessert and we finished off ours with green tea (very good) and black sesame ice creams.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $63.00

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