The Bun Mobile, Food Truck, BRISBANE QLD 4000

We finally tracked down The Bun Mobile, it was parked on a quite street in West End. Simple and clean, The Bun Mobile had no spilt sauce anywhere nor any dirty mark on the truck.

The concept of a food truck has been well received in many places and they are especially popular in the USA, but for Brisbane, it’s unique and very exciting. The menu is limited to three items but you get a choice of the special of the day as well as a dessert. All menu items sounded tempting but we decided to have the chicken, the wagyu and the special of the day, beef bun with home-made horseradish. The tastes were sensational. My favourite one was the Chicken bun. The chicken was juicy and tender, the combination of Japanese mayo and hoisin sauce mixed with the fluffy white bun, wow. 

The owners of the food truck, Christine and Harry were extremely friendly. They joyfully explained to us details of their operation and inspirations to the concept while the other travel bunny and I were shoving those deliciously made steam buns into our mouths. I’m so happy for Christine and Harry for what they have achieved and I am so grateful that they can create something like this. The Bun Mobile is not your average fast food joint, a lot of care and skills are involved and I’m sure you will enjoy your bun(s) as much as the bunnies did. 

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $26.00


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