Urbane, 179 Mary Street, BRISBANE QLD 4000

I must admit, the first fifteen minutes or so when I stepped into Urbane, I wasn't quite impressed with the ambience. In fact, I had doubts as to why it was critiqued with two-chefs-hats. Sitting at a table that faces a neon-light decorated strip club across the street isn't exactly classy. Other than a piece of art in a shape or form which I couldn't really put my finger on that occupied a considerably large portion of the wall, there was nothing else that attracted my attention.

Well, that was until the chef's complementary dishes arrived at our table, when the texture of tender duck meat touched my tongue and a citrus flavour excited my palate. I knew, at that moment that I was in for a great culinary experience.

We had Wagyu 9+ tataki and Chawamushi w' kingfish otoro and caviar to start with and they were followed by Sucking pork belly, scallop, caramelised apple, crackling and Bangalow duck grilled over fig wood, figs, amaretto, coffee as our mains.

None of the dishes disappointed us. Each plate provided different, unique tastes of their own which made us crave more. My personal favourite of the night was the wagyu tataki. The meat was extremely tender and its presentation was beyond my imagination. A stone made out of sugar which when tapped with a knife cracked opened to allow a combination of miso, radish and apple to slowly slide out and cover itself over the meat. Mmm... tantalising tastes.

Now I think that I understand the understatement of the restaurant's décor. Each dish is a piece of art in itself. Dining at Urbane was simply an amazing culinary experience, don't let the simplistic cover rule your opinion until you have tried the food. 

PS: We went there for my birthday dinner and we received two pieces of smooth, rich chocolates complementary from the restaurant. 

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $207

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