Little Hong Kong, Shop 23A Market Square, SUNNYBANK QLD 4109

Little Hong Kong is an oldie, but a goodie. Every so often I get cravings for their menu item number 50. At $13.50,  number 50 gives you the option to choose any two of the four types of BBQ meat that the restaurant has on offer and they include BBQ pork, roast duck, soy chicken and my favourite of them all, crispy pork belly. You can also choose between dry or soup noodle.

I must admit that I have tried a limited number of other dishes on the menu. I know what I like and I never get disappointed from having the same dish.

So yes, off we went last Sunday night and I went home with a belly-full of succulent, juicy BBQ pork. I think I had a dream of happy little crispy pork bellies dancing around too.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $30.50

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    1. Yeah, I've tried a few other ones before and decided never again. ^ ^