Libertine, No. 5, The Barracks. 61 Petrie Tce, Brisbane QLD 4000

I have always been attracted by the beautiful vintage chandeliers, large round pillar candles, red metal chairs and matching chopsticks placed inside of Libertine. It's mysteriously romantic.

Last night we made a spontaneous decision to have dinner at Libertine, a restaurant that serves Vietnamese French cuisine.

Upon arrival we were advised by our über cool host that a special set menu was available for Monday date night.

The set menu ($85.00) caters for two and includes two Palace Cinema movie tickets, baked Japanese scallops, wagyu tartare, BBQ lemongrass chicken w' greens, their famous Byron Bay pork belly w' coconut caramel and sweet potato. Additionally, you get dessert du jour (and yesterday was banana fritters with coconut ice cream).

I apologise for the blurry photo of the dessert, but it smelt and tasted incredible and I couldn't resist but to quickly press down the shutter and shove spoonfuls of the sweet morsels into my mouth.

The highlight of the night had to be the pork belly. If you only order one dish from the menu, this is it. The pork belly was sweet and tender, to the point where it almost melted in my mouth. I'm a huge sucker for pork crackling and Libertine did not disappoint me at all.

Personally, I think the Monday date night promotion is a great deal and definitely worth the dough. So if you have want to take your lover, or just a fellow food lover out for a movie, perhaps consider Libertine.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $97.00


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