Grill'D Healthy Burgers Restaurant, 209 Queen Street, BRISBANE CBD QLD 4000

Have you been to the newly opened Grill’d Burgers in Winter Garden? All the cool kids on the block have been so it’s about time you go!

What’s unique about this shop to the rest in the group? Let’s see, you’ve got a bunch of energetic guys and girls dressed in checked shirts running around in sneakers with beaming smiles on their faces. The shop itself has retained its comic-walls as other Grill’d do but in addition to that, this Grill’d features a … bar, which is hidden at the back of the store next to a fake garden with colourful light bulbs and vintage watering cans hanging off the ceiling. We ordered a “Lick the Mule” ($9.00), a cocktail made with ingredients including vanilla vodka and ginger beer, it tasted surprisingly refreshing, yummy and very lick-able.

Burgers tasted good as usual. I seriously urge all the burger lovers out there to try their “Hot Mamma”, a burger that’s stacked with grilled grass fed lean beef, roasted peppers, dill pickle, tasty cheese, tzatziki, salad and harissa paste and if the spice isn’t strong enough, you can always add some Tabasco sauce! Oh, and their hot chips with herbed mayo are a must.

I am so thrilled for the opening of this Grill’d in town. Who says good food has to be expensive? 

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