Verve Restaurant Bar Cider House, 109 Edward Street, BRISBANE QLD 4000

There’s a reason why this underground establishment is listed as the number one Brisbane restaurant on Urbanspoon. Their food is simply delicious.

Yesterday, in search for some comfort food to feed the tummies of two very sick bunnies, we visited Verve. Perhaps, a dark and loud room isn’t the best place to be when you have an unbearable headache, but what the hell I had huge cravings for their pasta.

Pork belly Linguini w’ roasted garlic, chilli, shiitake mushroom, mint, English spinach, olive oil ($22.00) and  vodka risotto w’ artichoke, semi tomato, caramelised onion, chive, chilli Vodka, Rose sauce ($18.00) arrived at our table within 15 minutes of ordering and they were finished within another 15 minutes. Both were simple dishes with little if any fancy decorations (no flowers or quenelles to talk about) but the flavours were unforgettably delicious.

As freaky as it may sound, for a moment there the restaurant was quiet and the only noise that I could hear was the sound of chewing and swallowing. 

Buon appetito!
Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $44.00

Verve Restaurant Bar Cider House on Urbanspoon

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