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I admit it.

I have been so lazy with writing blog posts and uploading photos recently and it’s gotten to a point where every time when I look at my MacBook, I feel guilty. Yes, guilty because I have so many great photos to share and so many thoughts which I have gathered from this year’s travelling and yet, I’ve been so so lazy.

See, the thing is, I travelled over three continents, thirteen countries and more than thirty cities all in less than twelve months and now that I am back at work again, I think I am experiencing what is called a post-holiday depression. The symptoms often include looking at the holiday photos over and over again, constantly checking Conde Nast and Lonely Planet for new holiday articles and of course, emailing the other travel bunny every now and then with ideas of our upcoming holidays to Thailand, then the United States of America, the Italian Riviera, the Maldives, while trying to shove in an African safari somewhere in between.

To me, travelling (alongside with the eating involved during the course of travelling) is like the ultimate pleasure when enjoyed with a compatible travel partner who doesn’t whinge at every destination but sees a brighter side in the worst situation possible. I mean, isn’t that what good travelling is all about? You explore, experience and enjoy.

So stay tuned and see what the bunnies got up to on their holidays. 

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