Reflection on the High Seas

This time of the year has always been a reflection month for me. Reflecting on the experiences that I gained in the past year, thinking about what I did, and what happened, and setting my goals for the year ahead. I also reflect on the delightful things that occurred and opportunities for me to be grateful. It is truely a wonderful time of the year.

I happened to be on a cruise recently and it was the perfect opportunity for me to unwind and reflect. I woke up bright and early that morning and the weather was beautiful. I changed into my new favourite leggings by Pins to Kill and headed to the deck for some morning stretches. The sounds of the sea and the splashing waves were music to my ears and instantly relaxed me. Afterwards, I joined a yoga class onboard at the fitness centre before heading to the Waterfront Restaurant for some hearty breakfast options. Afterwards, I curled up on one of the hanging cocoon chairs at the Oasis and spent some quality time reading and writing down some notes. 

I recently resigned from my job as an insolvency accountant to pursue my dream of being a full-time food and travel blogger. It is a huge move and I am excited and nervous at the same time. Already, I’ve had great collaboration with clothing brands, food companies and not to mention amazing travel opportunities. I would’t have been able to do all these without the supporters in my life, and for that I am extremely grateful. I came across Pins to Kill, a Melbourne based clothing brand and I was immediately inspired by the brand’s concept and belief, and their support for women around the world to chase their dreams.  They have collaborated with ambassadors from around the world, ranging from ballerinas to surfers; these women are capturing their lifestyles and sharing them with the world, displaying prints upon their leggings correlating with their daily goals. I think it's a wonderful concept. Sometimes, it's really just about taking that step that you've always wanted. 

Next year will be amazing - I know it. 

Be a dream chaser.

Disclaimer: this is a collaboration post with Pins to Kill. 

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