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I was looking through photos of our America trip from 2012/13 when I came across to a photo of a big greasy burger taken at The Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills, LA. I swallowed the excess saliva in my mouth and suggested to the other travel bunnie that we should have something American for dinner.

So, last Friday night after work, the other travel bunnie and I walked over the bridge to South Bank to have a feast at South Side Diner. As the name suggests, South Side Diner is a diner that provides all things American, from Hanks black cherry soda to buffalo wings and hot dogs. I was surprised to learn that the diner was all booked out and we were placed on a waiting list with a wait time of thirty to forty minutes, so advance reservation is recommended.

The table next to us had a plate of buffalo wings and I just couldn’t resist. So for dinner, we had ten buffalo wings with celery sticks and blue cheese sauce ($14), a Californian “cumaya valley” double double burger ($14), a side of sweet potato fries with chipotle sour cream ($8.50) and of course, Hanks black cherry soda for a drink ($6). The food didn’t take long to come out despite of the fact that the diner was packed, but much to my disappointment, other than the sweet potato fries, the rest of our dinner was subpar. The double double burger was the biggest disappointment of all. The meat patties were dry and bland, and we could hardly taste the jalapeno cream cheese. The not-so-spicy and very tough buffalo wings started off being ok (the diner provides a selection of Tabasco sauces which I really appreciated) until I discovered patches of feathers still attached to the skin and that was the final straw for me. We ended up leaving half of the wings untouched.

Having said all that, we enjoyed the ambiance and the upbeat service. The waitstaff were extremely efficient and it felt as though that they were really happy to be working which always make dining experiences more pleasant.

I love the concept of South Side Diner, but I think there are definitely room for improvement.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $42.50

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