Rendezvous with Versace | Miami, FLORIDA USA

The bunnies are currently making some exciting changes to their apartment in the city and the  best way to describe the changes is to use a phrase that we have created; our apartment is getting “Versace-sised” and I can't wait to share the finish product with you.  So in the spirit of that bold Medusa head, I want to take a little detour on the posting of the bunnies' recent USA trip and take you all the way to Miami, Florida.

One of the key attractions of Miami has to be South Beach, and if you walk along the Ocean Drive, you will undoubtably notice a lavish property. This urban Palazzo, my darlings, was once Gianni Versace's residence.

To fulfil my desires, we went inside to the mansion for a couple of personalised cocktails. The visit was completely impromptu and in fact was more of an enquiry by the other travel bunnie to the security guard from through the iron gate separating the tourists taking holiday snaps from those inside.  From the second we were welcomed inside the gates of this ultra plush and extravagant hotel my eyes were drawn to every corner of the residence.  From the well dressed staff to the mosaic tiles that lined the open air courtyard, from the gorgeous looking people perched at the bar to the stunningly vibrant pillows lining the couches in the bar I love, love, loved this place. Oh, and the drinks were pretty good to :) (but extremely strong!)

I have to say, if we had more time in Miami, we would've definitely stayed in one of their outrageously opulent rooms. 

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $60USD (including tips). 

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