Sweet Dessert Shop | Market Square, SUNNYBANK QLD 4109

So last weekend, I was just casually doing my things, you know, checking out awesome food and travel blogs, when I discovered a dessert called “steamed milk with egg whites”. My immediate thought was “what the?”

Now, I'm a huge fan for all things sweet, but never have I heard anything like that before. I knew that my only chance to try it out would be heading out to this dessert shop in Sunnybank where I usually go for a bowl of grass jelly with condensed milk ($4.20) – Sweet Dessert Shop.

And I got what I wanted. I ordered a steamed milk with egg whites ($4.80), served cold as well as a bowl of grass jelly with condensed milk just in case.

The verdict? It wasn't bad, but I would have liked it more if it was sweeter. The texture was silky smooth and surprisingly it didn't taste too eggy.

The Sweet Dessert Shop never disappoints.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $9.

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