Kingsfood | Shop 25 Market Square, SUNNYBANK QLD 4109

Where do you go for a decent meal on Easter Sunday night after a horrific storm? Where else but Sunnybank?

I love that suburb, well, more so Market Square than anything, to be precise. I find it hard to surpass the good value and the quantity of tasty Asian food. My all time favourite is Little Hong Kong, but since I always drag the other travel bunnie there, I thought it was time for something different.

I took the other travel bunnie to Kingsfood, located in the centre of Market Square and it's hard to miss this Taiwanese cuisine restaurant.

Sure the service isn't great. In fact, to get any attention from anyone at this joint, you've gotta wave those arms of yours. But hey, whatever goes to get some food right?

Besides the service and the extremely loud background chatting, the food is pretty good. Generous quantities and very tasty.

Our dinner consisted of Sichuan chicken ($11.50) and black pepper spare ribs ($11.50), both of which came with rice. On the side, I ordered a small serve of deep fried tofu ($5) and a papaya milkshake ($5). Although the Sichuan chicken had no spiciness to it, the chicken was tender and flavoursome.

I really enjoyed dinner last night. Kingsfood is not a place for a romantic date, but rather a in-and-out joint for some seriously good greasy Chinese cuisine.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $33

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