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Everyone has a bucklist, you know, something that you've always wanted to experience, somewhere you've always wanted to dine and a destination that you have always dreamt of visiting.

For the other travel bunnie, staying at a Bellagio suite overlooking the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas was definitely on his list.

Bellagio is a huge hotel, it only dawned on me actually just how big it is when we stepped inside and everything was set out in front of me. I was blown away by the stunning Fiori di Como by Dale Chihuly, which consists of more than two-thousand hand-blown glass flowers. Go a little further and you will see the Conservatory, which at the time of our visit had a Winter theme (think cute polar bears made out of fresh flowers). Let's just say that check-in took less time than the trip to the Salone Suite.

The suite looked divine. I couldn't decide on whether my favourite part was the view of Paris across the street or the bathroom that comes with a spacious Italian marble bathtub against the glass window and an elegant dressing table. My god, even the rich coloured wallpaper looked good. With a great suite like this, if you don't feel like walking about to watch the popular fountain show where 1,200 dancing water fountains shoot up according to the rhythm of music, you have the leisure of watching it on the TV in the living room, or on built-in screen on the mirror in your bathroom.

A few downsides of our stay were that the suite had no master switch for the lights, which can be quite annoying when you have to find and turn them off one by one. Also given the size of this establishment, you are not going to get personal service of other five-star hotels. We came back from a show one night and found that two rollaway beds were in our suite, a phone call was made to guest services and no one came sixty minutes later, eventually we were asked to keep waiting or take the beds out ourselves and leave them in the hallway.

Inspired by Lake Como, in terms of design and entertainment, this hotel did not disappoint. Despite the level of service, I couldn’t have wished for a better place than the Bellagio. It's so iconic.

Bunnies' travel notes:

Bunnies' suite number: 11602
Number of Guest Rooms and Suites: 3933
Swimming pool: yes
Standard price: $700

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