Vue Lounge, 83 Merthyr Road, NEW FARM QLD 4005

I had been to a function last Friday night and may have had one too many Apple Martini's (emphasis on “one” and yes, I am a cheap drunk). Anyway, the morning after, I was in need of some serious breakfast as I was hungry a bunnie!

We went to Vue Lounge in New Farm and the first thing that I noticed was the coffee cups on people's tables. Mmm, caffeine. But I wanted to detox my liver and had a mixed berry smoothie instead.

As we looked though the breakfast menu, my cravings for greasy food became stronger and I just had to have the parmesan & herb crumbed pork belly, poached eggs, wilted spinach, seeded mustard cream, pumpkin sourdough ($18.90). To be bluntly honest, I thought this dish was slightly overpriced despite getting three pieces of pork belly, two slices of sourdough, two poached eggs and spinach. The pork belly was a little dry as well. 

I was very envious of the fact that the other travel bunnie had again, chosen the better dish of the two. His omelette w' bacon, mushroom, shallots, cheese, tomato relish, sourdough ($18.50) was extremely palatable and the tomato relish tasted amazing.

On the way out, you can also get some freshly made pastries from their colourful display cabinet. Macarons, anyone?

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $48.50

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