Landmark, Shop 101 Cnr Mains Road & McCullough Street, SUNNYBANK QLD 4109

I can’t remember the last time we had yum cha - It must’ve been around the beginning of this year.

I asked for the opinion of one of my colleagues from Hong Kong about the best yum cha restaurant in town and she told me that it had to be Landmark.

So the bunnies ventured out to Sunnybank last Sunday for an authentic Cantonese feast.

Sunday has to be the busiest day for any yum cha restaurant. When we arrived at the place, the area outside was already full of patrons waiting for tables. We joined the queue and got ours about thirty minutes later.

Landmark is considerable in size for a typical Chinese restaurant and it caters for up to 450 diners. The restaurant is well-lit with its giant, sparking chandeliers and the chaotic atmosphere and trays of steamy dim sum reminded me of our trip to Hong Kong last year.

It took me a while to realise that you can actually take your docket and go to the yum cha station to pick out whatever that you desire from trays after trays of freshly steamed dim sum that are nicely presented in bamboo baskets.

Sure, the food isn't exactly mind-blowingly amazing, but it is delicious and the quality is, dare I say it, far superior to a number of the yum cha restaurants that you get in the city. I thought the highlight was the crispy skinned pork belly with hot mustard, however the other travel bunnie preferred the prawns dumplings the best.

Service could've been better, all the wait staff appeared to be in a great rush to get to somewhere and it was hard to get anyone's attention. But other than that, we had a great time.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $65.

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  1. If only the staff would smile or act as if one was welcome in this restaurant, perhaps it's because they're paid $10 an hour & that's a fact! ( cash in hand )
    Chinese friendliness is never a requirement at Landmark , Parkland or in any Chinese restaurant, just the food, the table cloths and the carpet.