Suckling Cute Piggie, Tang Jai Yu, 85-89 Samphanthawong, Bangkok, THAILAND


The following blog post includes photos that may be disturbing to some people, I’m talking about something serious … a juicy, cripy skinned piggie.

So the travel bunnies waited and waited in great anticipation to finally go to Bangkok because we finally got to enjoy a whole roasted pig. Actually, months before our departure, the other travel bunny made me make a reservation at the restaurant so that we wouldn’t miss out. No, of course I don’t know how to speak the Thai language, but hey, when you want something so desperately, you’d do anything right? I don’t recall much from the telephone conversation other than repeating myself over and over again saying “we want suckling pig, do you understand?”

I remember that night clearly, it was raining, the neon-lights reflected on the wet roads as our taxi driver drove past streets, turned corners in what seemed a very long trip before we finally arrived at China Town.

We got out of the Taxi and walked into a dimly lit alleyway where shirtless gangster looking men were sitting outside on the street, smoking and talking about … well I have no idea because it was in Thai!

And then, I saw the restaurant, Tang Jai Yu. The name of the restaurant is written in both Thai and Chinese and didn’t look fancy at all. But I had faith in Anthony Bourdain and I wasn’t willing to let looks deceive my stomach.

We were led to our table by a grandpa, apparently they were expecting us! A table for two who came all the way from Australia to have the ultimate suckling pig.

When our piggie friend arrived at the table, both of the travel bunnies were dumbstruck. The crispy skin and the irresistible smell of roast, it was love at first sight.

We devoured it like two hungry vampires, we couldn’t believe our eyes and we could not keep our hands and mouths away from it.

After the skin was eaten, the piggie was taken back into the kitchen, grilled over an open flame, diced and seasoned.

I can’t tell you how heavenly it tasted. It’s definitely something that you have to experience to believe.

The suckling pig two-ways costed THB1,600, which was a bargain for what you get.

Check out the photos and try and stop your stomachs from growling/ oinking … 


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  1. If only there is suckling pig in Brisbane! It must have tasted very very good!!! :)

    1. Tell me about it! Wish I can find it here.. > <