Sono Japanese Restaurant Portside, 39 Hercules St Portside Wharf, HAMILTON QLD 4007

I admit it. I have been spoilt by the other travel bunny these days with a wide selection of food porn. But before I begin my honouarble duty as a dedicated bunny home cook, a number of places still remain untouched on our bunny list.  

So without further ado, I now present you with the following blog post:

Yes, we waived goodbye to the year of 2011 at Sono, Portside Wharf, an elegant Japanese restaurant that happened to be situated at one of Brisbane’s prime locations. Twenty-Eleven marked its importance in both of our lives. We travelled, to many places, across three continents and savoured endless amazing food. So, to end the most memorable year yet, it was inevitable that a nice, fine restaurant had to be chosen (and the fact that we had a friend coming up from Sydney meant that it was completely necessary to prove that when it comes to food, Brisvegas knows what it’s talking about).

Sono looks amazing (inside and out) with a gorgeous open air feel about the restaurant that mixes modern features in a traditional Japanese setting. All Teppanyaki bookings are seated at the restaurant's gorgeous teppan grill where the food is cooked and served in front of you (and up to 12 others) over a 60 minute sitting.

We decided to have the Autumn Set (Aki) of Teppanyaki ($85.00 each) but there are four options to choose from each with varying prices. Chef Warren was talkative and so fun to watch.  My favourite was the Hokkaido Scallops, they were so plump and delicate. We were advised that the scallops were cooked with a special sauce, which mixes mayonnaise and sake. Wagyu striploin was another favourite (I know, you can’t really have two favourites but it’s hard to choose when it comes to Sono’s well balanced set menu). Dinner was finished with cheesecake made by Warren and creamy, rich ice cream served in a Bamboo cup.

The fireworks went off over the dazzlingly Brisbane River and Sono offered the perfect view on New Year’s Eve.  

HAPPY 2012!!

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