Madam Tojo Coffee Palace, 23 Musgrave Avenue, LABRADOR QLD 4215

At 10:30am on a Saturday morning, a close girl friend of mine and I drove to this out of ordinary cafe, to catch up and of course, to get some decent food into our empty stomachs. 

Stepping into Madam Tojo is like stepping back in time. You can easily spend hours at this retro cafe, sipping coffee under the antique chandeliers. We had the chefs specials of the day as recommended by the cafe's owner, Antoinette, an artist, both at $18.90 each. The food was absolutely delicious. 

I wasn't sure if it was the ambience, the smell of freshly baked pastries, the fact that it was a great day to spend time with a good friend or all of the above, but the time flew by so fast before we even realised that we had been there for almost three hours! 

Madam Tojo is a must for anyone who needs to a getaway from the hassle and bustle of life and just find one of their vintage armchairs to sit down and enjoy a coffee or two (and maybe with a chocolate pudding on the side). 

Bunny Dollars Spent: $48.20

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