Saké Restaurant & Bar, Level 1, 45 Eagle St, Eagle Street Pier Brisbane, 4000

As a celebration of this bunny successfully completing the final segment of her professional studies, the very lovable and supportive HB took to me to Saké.

First thing you should know, we LOVE Saké. Absolutely, without a doubt. It was not our first time.

The restaurant is located on Eagle Street and it is definitely a “sexy” addition to Brisbane’s culinary destinations. The word “sexy” is no overstatement as this Japanese restaurant feels so sophisticated and stylish, it is so well presented and the restaurant’s hostesses and waiters were definitely bonus points. Oh, and did I mention that they make really good food?  So, thisbunny went a little overboard with the picking & ordering from the menu. Well, it was hardly my fault if the dishes all sound ‘oh-so-tempting’… (right?)

So, I provide you with the following list of food:

Miso soup w’ tofu, spring onion & wakame ($5.00)
Popcorn shrimp ($27.00)
Beef tataki ($18.00)
Sashimi combo ($45.00)
Salmon & avocado sushi maki ($13.00)
Spider maki ($17.00) -

Beef tataki was my favourite on the night. The taste of that juicy, flavourful seared beef tenderloin topped with garlic chips and snow peas sprouts still lingers in my mind.

We also had some hot sake and green tea with our meals.

Dining at Saké was definitely a memorable experience and it’s the perfect destination for a romantic celebratory dinner.  

PS: don’t forget to check out their restrooms (a destination in itself)

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