Guzman y Gomez, Emporium, 1000 Ann St Brisbane, 4006

I have an announcement to make. Guzman Y Gomez is my new favourite fast food joint. I have always secretly envied those Yankees, because they have Taco Bell and we don’t (I know it’s a lil’ shallow, but seriously, 99¢ for a taco, how can you possibly resist??).  Until, I found this place. Situated amongst a number of hip dining destinations in the Valley, this Mexican casual restaurant is unique, fresh and oh so affordable.

The night when the bunnies went there for the first time, we ordered the usual Mexican must-eats: ‘Mini B’ Burritos ($6.50) and Quesadillas (2 for $7.50). I ended up pinching bites from the travel bunny’s delicious burrito and I strongly recommend it! *sorry, not the pinching food from other people part!*

PS. They also offer frozen margaritas for $8.50 each. Hola!!!

Guzman y Gomez Mexican Taqueria Fortitude Valley on Urbanspoon

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