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The first time when I went to Sichuan House was several years ago when I visited Melbourne during winter. The deliciously spicy food left a fond memory for me and I insisted on taking the other travel bunnie there.

So weeks before our departure, I made an anxious phone call to Sichuan House and received instant relief when the reservation was confirmed.

At 6pm on the dot, we arrived at this Sichuan restaurant tucked away in Corrs Lane. The restaurant was empty with no patrons in sight. My stomach churned and I thought to myself that maybe after all these years, the restaurant was no longer what it used to be, that maybe things aren’t so spicy around here anymore.

The other travel bunnie, being the supportive hubby that he’s always been, smiled at me in support of my decision and sat down.

I however wasn’t so sure.

I had already planned on what to order and dreamed about eating the dishes over and over again in my head. Dry stir fried green beans with minced pork ($16.80), spicy cumin pork spare ribs ($24.80) and most importantly, the dish that I’ve been craving for years, spicy mud crab tower ($39.80). The food was ordered and came quickly (as I suspected considering that we were the only customers at the time). Each dish still looked the same as it did years ago when I had eaten them previously. I let out a breath of relief and picked up my chopsticks. One bite into the chilli crab, I said nothing, second bite, third bite… it was so yummy, exactly how I remembered, I had no time to talk, I wanted to shovel the whole plate down my throat if possible. The other travel bunnie was busy eating the cumin pork ribs, his favourite dish of the night and I knew that he was impressed with my decision.

As we powered through our meal, the restaurant became busier and the tables quickly filled. Of course, the sky didn’t go down till 9 o’clock that night, so it was silly of me to assume that a standard dinner time would be at 6pm.

Yes, our mouths were numb and our stomachs were burning, but we loved it. Every now and then, we got looks from other patrons as if silently applauding us for being so brave by eating so much food and can I just say that the portions were so generous that even with our best attempt, we couldn’t finish the food.  In fact, we had to leave half of the crab tower behind. Trust me, I was devastated.

Sichuan House definitely challenged our taste buds with its chilli-packed dishes and that is why it remains as one of the most memorable dining experiences during our trip.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $92.40

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